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The Biomagnetics, or Biomagnetic Therapy, uses pairs of powerful neodymium magnets to help eliminate disease-causing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasistes and fungi) from the body.

This a revolutionary therapeutic approach to healing that differs from traditional medicine, Homeopathy and Naturopathy. It is a therapy free of side effects, and perfectly compatible with any other traditional treatment or Complementary or Alternative practice. It is accepted by many as a therapeutic alternative to mechanized pharmaceutical focused western medicine.

Categories of BioMagnetic Pair Therapy

The Research on BioMagnetic Pair Therapy has shown that the BMPs may be divided into 4 main categories:1. Regular BMPs identify pathogenic microorganisms and whether they are a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasites.2. Special BMPs identify the presence of tissue alteration which is not supported by pathogenic microorganisms.3. Dysfunctional BMPs affect glands and the production of hormones.4. Reservoir BMPs identify those organs and tissues which hold potential pathogens. These reservoirs allow pathogens to survive for an indefinite time until an alteration in the pH balance of the body triggers them to become active. Once these pathogens are triggered, they begin forming single or multiple associations with virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites. According to Dr. Goiz these associations are the cause for the deterioration of our health.

What Does Your Biomagnetic Pair Therapist Do?The simplicity and power of the BioMagnetic Pair system allows a therapist to work with powerful but inoffensive magnets to obtain robust and lasting results. During a BioMagnetic Pair Therapy treatment, your therapist uses muscle testing to scan your entire body for the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. These are identified by distorted levels of acidity and alkalinity (pH) in organs or other physiological systems.

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