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If Popeye the Sailor Man could get his strength from spinach, you could too because this leafy vegetable is considered a superfood. The reason why spinach is considered a superfood is because of the loads of nutrients and low-calorie that it possesses. This leafy veggie also benefits your skin, hair and bones.

Some of the powerful health benefits of spinach are that this vegetable helps stabilise your blood glucose levels, helps in reducing your risk of developing cancer, prevents you from cancer and is good for bone health. One vegetable with so many health benefits is amazing and our ancestors were not wrong in propagating its uses for the human body. So adding this green to your healthy diet will benefit your health in multiple ways. Before we get into the health benefits that this green has in store for us, let understand some of its nutrition facts.nt.


Spinach Nutrition Table

All of us know that spinach is good for us, but the question remains as to what makes this green a superfood? The below-listed nutrition table will give you an insight into some of the components that this green possesses.

Apart from the above-listed nutritional facts, here are some vitamins and minerals that make this green super healthy.

The leafy green is said to contain 250 milligrams of calcium per cup and this would help keep your bones healthy including your teeth. Also, in order to get the best out of spinach, it is advised that you combine vitamin C rich foods along with this such as citrus fruits and increase your absorption of calcium.

Magnesium is said to increase your metabolism, regulate your heart rhythm and maintain blood pressure. Thus, spinach has a rich source of dietary magnesium that can benefit your health in multiple ways.

Your body needs iron content in order to use body energy effectively. In order to get the best out of iron content, you can add some vitamin C foods such as citrus fruits to spinach and improve your absorption of iron content.

Spinach is one of the most commonly available and consumed leafy vegetables and is high in nutritional value, especially iron.

Consuming Spinach on a regular basis is beneficial in case of anemia as it is a rich source of iron. It can also be consumed in the form of juice to promote weight loss. Spinach might also be useful for diabetics as it helps manage blood sugar levels.

In Ayurveda, Spinach is considered as a good source of reducing dryness of hair as well as hair loss due to its Picchila (sticky) property. Spinach paste or juice can help manage sunburn as applying it on the skin might heal burned skin due to its Sita (cold) and Ropan (healing) properties.

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